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The Global Traditional

Wing Chun Kung Fu Association

The Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association Membership Benefits include:


  • Discounts on most seminars and workshops
  • Discounts on most retail products sold through the Association
  • Discounts on training camps
  • Quarterly Newsletter for student members
  • Quarterly Newsletter for school owner members
  • Instructor handbook with essential GTWCKFA information
  • Student handbooks to assist in the education and guidance of GTWCKFA members
  • GTWCKFA uniform patches with internationally recognized logo
  • Official GTWCKFA ID indicating membership status
  • Support documents for school owners to assist in the operating of a successful school
  • A network of member schools throughout the world
  • Travel opportunities to visit Australia and/or countries with GTWCKFA branches and to participate in teaching seminars
  • Public relations opportunities to enhance your image and that of your school and its members
  • The GTWCKFA offers its member schools support documents such as handouts, fliers and posters. These documents are custom designed to include information about the individual school
  • The GTWCKFA also designs letterheads, business cards, fliers and club handouts for your individual school
  • Members may visit any member school for (2) two classes per year - free of charge for active members


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