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Teaching Workshops for Instructors

  • 24 Feb 2013
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (UTC+11:00)
  • GTWCKFA Headquarters, Melbourne, Australia
  • 29


  • For non-members, the cost is $10 per session.

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We will be running a series of workshops in Melbourne for Instructors and senior students wishing to become Instructors, to learn TEACHING SKILLS and TECHNIQUES.  The workshops will be run one of our GTWCKFA Instructors, Matthew Fellows, who is also a qualified school teacher and certified in Sports Coaching.



The purpose of these Workshops is to develop a number of teaching tools to assist instructors in the delivery of Traditional Wing Chun lessons and to cater to the variety of clients who call themselves students of this system.  These workshops will entail a short theoretical explanation of teaching methods coupled with practical application of tools presented.  Each instructor involved in the workshops should be prepared to share their teaching successes and failures with the group to encourage a shared learning experience.  These workshops will be conducted with a break of 2 weeks between each session, thus allowing the instructors time to develop the tools through the course of their learning.  The total number of workshops will be 4 to 6.



As mentioned above, these workshops would involve a short theoretical session followed by practical use of tools examined. 


Following the initial Workshop, participating instructors will need to be prepared to share how they have utilised the tools examined in workshops.  They may be expected to demonstrate an activity which had worked since the last workshop.


In addition to the workshops, instructors may request other instructors to view and critique their actual lessons to provide constructive feedback on where they can improve their lessons.


The topic for Session 1 is:

Learning Intention - How to effectively prepare for a class



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